Facets 4 (John Holt)

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Facets 4

John Holt, trumpet; Steven Harlos, piano; Sophia Grech, mezzo; Christopher Deane & Mark Ford, percussion

Compact disk. ITG CD-25. Recorded 2010 at the Mesquite Arts Center in Mesquite, TX. Recording engineer: Ron Meyer, Produced by John Holt.


Choi, Da Jeong
Top of the Mountain

Casterede, Jaques
Breves Rencontres


Wintle, James
Etude Francais

Arnold, Malcolm
Fantasy for Solo Trumpet

Pilss, Karl
Sonate fur Trompete und Klavier

Allegro appassionato
Adagio, molto cantabile
Allegro agitato

Ewazen, Eric
... to cast a shadow again

Stopped by the stream...
Luminescent moonlight startles me...
Two bees are fighting or courting...
That didn't take too long...
Everyone says it snowed last night...
Hands underwater on my body...
Cordite surrounded you...
Lie down and cry...

Notes on the music by Kathryn Adduci. Biographies on the performers and composers. This CD was first produced by ITG in 2016 and was free to all members of the ITG during the 2015-2016 membership year.

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