The Legacy: Trumpet Performers of Ukraine

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Trumpet Players and Trumpet Performers of Ukraine


Compact disk ITG-13. Playing time: 77:23


Posvalyuk, Valery
Fanfare for the Third Millennium (arr. A. Korsh)

A. Korsh, P. Dubnik, G. Kozdoba, K.Posvalyuk, V. Ivanov, A. Berdous, A. Kolinko, trumpets; V. Rogoza and S. Risol, percussion.

Aleksandrov, Yuri
Sonate in B-flat Major for Trumpet and String Orchestra in three movments.

Georgy Orvid (1904-1980), trumpet, accompanied by The Chamber Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatoire. Recorded circa 1968.

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai
Flight of the Bumble Bee (arr. T. Dokshizer)

Timofei Dokshizer (b. 1921), trumpet; A. Zhak, piano

Shostakovich, Dimitri
Three Fantastic Dances, op. 11

Timofei Dokshizer (b. 1921), trumpet; S. Solodownik, piano

Sarasate, Pablo

Timofei Dokshizer (b. 1921), trumpet; A. Zhak, piano

Glazunov, Alexander

Nikolai Berdyev (1922-1989), trumpet; Bencion Shchupak, piano. Recorded 1956.

Dremlyuga, Nikolai
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, movement 1

Nikolai Berdyev, trumpet; with the symphony Orchestra of Ukrainian Radio and Television. recorded 1979.

Shakhov, Ivan
Scherzo, arr. for trumpet and wind orchestra by G. Kuznetzov

Semen Balderman (1920-1999), trumpet, accompanied by theWind Orchestra of Kiev Army Music Service. Recorded 1956.

Lysenko, Mykola

Valery Posvalyuk, trumpet; Natalya Romenska, piano

Clarke, Herbert L.
Carnival of Venice

Valery Posvalyuk, trumpet; Natalya Romenska, piano

Bach, Johann Sebastian, and Gounod, Charles
Ave Maria

Vladimir Kafelnikov, trumpet; Alexandar Serdyuk, organ. Recorded circa 1988.

Albinoni, Tomaso
Concerto in E-flat Major, movements 2 and 3

Vladimir Kafclinikov, trumpet; Alexander Serdyus, organ. Recorded 1988-89.

Arban, Jean Baptiste
Carnival of Venice (arr. Serebrennikov)

Viktor Leisman, trumpet, accompanied by the State Wind Orchestra of Ukraine

Lapinsky, Yakov
Concert-Poem for 3 trumpets and Symphony Orchestra

A. Korsh, K. Posvalyuk, and I. Baranovsky, trumpets; Combined Orchesra of the Ukrainian Radio and Television.

Lo Presti, Ronald
Suite for Five Trumpets

Valery Posvalyuk, Mykola Balanko, Alexander Poteenko, Gregory Postoy, Valery Yeryomenko, trumpets.

Liner notes in English. Historical introduction by Valery Pasvalyuk. Biogrophies of the players and composers.

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