Cornet Solos by Pioneer American Artists Recorded prior to 1906

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Cornet Solos by Pioneer American Recording Artists Made prior to 1906


Compact disk. ITG-004. Mastered by Seth B. Winner Sound Studios, 1994


Title of composition - Performer

Yankee Doodle with Variations - Walter P. Rogers (2:26)

When You Were Sweet Sixteen - Emil Keneke (2:02)

King Carnival - Bohumir Kryl (2:11)

Kilarney - Herbert L. Clarke (1:46)

Commodore Polka - W.Paris Chambers (2:24)

The Merry Birds - Jules Levy (3:38)

German Sounds - Walter B. Rogers (2:33)

The Palms - Thomas Cook (1:39)

The Pyramid Polka - Allesandro Liberati (2:10)

Narcissus - W. Paris Chambers (1:43)

Sea Flower Polka - Emil Keneke (2:41)

Kate Kearney - Walter B. Robers (3:08)

My Pretty Peggy - Seneca Mygrant or Emil Keneke (1:32)

Old Folks at Home - Anton H. Knoll (1:43)

Minnie-ha-ha - Walter B. Rogers (3:05)

The last Rose of Summer - Bohumir Kryl (2:31)

Du, Du with Variations - Jules Levy (2:46)

The Lost Chord - Henry Higgins (2:10)

The Bride of the Waves - Herbert L. Clarke (2:11)

Strauss Lullaby - Alice Raymond (2:01)

Edelweiss Fantasy - Albert Bode (3:14)

Hosanna - Emil Keneke (2:32)

The Harp that Once Thro' Tara's Halls - Walber B. Robers (4:00)

Down Deep Within the Cellar - Bohumir Kryl (2:11)

The Seraph - W. Paris Chambers (2:21)

Nearer, My God, To Thee - Walter B. Rogers (2:57)

Chrystal Beach Polka - John Dolan (2:58)

Perhaps Love's Dream Will Last Forever - Herbert L. Clarke

Old Black Joe - Walter B. Robers (2:47)

Theresa Polka - Bohumir Kryl ( 2:00)

Total playing time: 75:53. Extensive notes on the artists, the collection from which the selections were chosen, the individual recordings, and the recording processes before 1906 by the collection's curator, Frederick P. Williams of Philadelphia., Notes on the mastering of the recordings for this project by Seth Winner of Winner Sound Studios, Inc. Project supervisor: Richard Burkart. This CD was first produced by ITG in 1995 and was free to all members of the ITG during the 1994-95 membership year.

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