The Carmine Caruso International Jazz Solo Competition

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The Carmine Caruso International Jazz Solo Competition: An Aural Retrospective

Winners, finalists and rhythm sections of the Carmine Caruso International Jazz Solo Competitions held between 1993 and 2003

Compact disk ITG-15. Playing time: 79.45


Sweet Love of Mine (Scott Thompson) 5:19
Scott Thompson, trumpet
Larry Harris, piano
Stewart Miller, bass
Bob Rummage, drums

Au privave (Charlie Parker) 5:16
Rob Smith, trumpet)
(rhythm section as above)

Bricolage (Trent Kynaston) 7:39
Jason Carder, trumpet
Steve Zegree, piano
Tom Knific, bass
Tim Froncek, drums

Stuck in the Dark (Christine Jensen) 6:30
Ingrid Jensen, trumpet
(rhythm section as above)

No Pressure (comp. Dan Hearle) 4:22
John Sneider, trumpet
Dan Hearle, piano
Fred Hamilton, bass
Ed Soph, drums

Airegin (comp. Sonny Rollins) 3:01
John Sneider, trumpet

Body and Soul (comp. Heyman/Sour/Eyton) 7:44
John Daversa, trumpet (7:30)
(rhythm section as above)

Dear Old Stockholm (traditional) 4:30
Thomas Marriott, trumpet
Ron Perillo, piano
John Whitfield, bass
Dana Hall, drums

These Foolish Things (comp. Strachey/Link) 7:16
Thomas Marriott, trumpet
(rhythm section as above)

Involution (El Saffar) 7:02
Amir El Saffar, trumpet
Randy Porter, piano
Hans Halt, bass
Terri Lynne Carrington, drums

People Make the World Go ‘Round (comp. Bell/Creed) 9:29
Mikko Pettinen, trumpet
(rhythm section as above)

Alone Together (comp. Dietz/Schwartz) 6.56
Dominick Farinacci, trumpet
Richard Drexler, piano
Douglas Matthews, bass
Danny Gottlieb, drums

Manteca (comp. Dizzy Gillespie) 4:41
David Bijoy Champagne, trumpet
(rhythm section as above)

Liner notes offer brief histories of the competition's conception and goals and of each of the six competitions represented. 

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