The Lost Etude of Theo Charlier (with etudes by Arban, Cafferelli)

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The Lost Etude of Theo Charlier

David Baldwin, trumpet

Compact disc. Arban and Charlier recorded in Ferguson Hall, University of Minnesota, August 28, 1996. Cafferelli recorded at Hamline United Methodist Church, St. Paul, Minnesota, May 19, 1991. Recording and editing by Russell Borud.


Cafferelli, Reginaldo
16 Etudes de Perfectionnement

Arban, Jean Baptiste
14 Characteristic Studies

Charlier, Theo
Etude No. 37

Total playing time: 98:13. Liner notes contain extensive practice notes in English by David Baldwin. Production coordinator: Wad Weast. This CD was first produced by ITG in 2000 and was free to all members of the ITG during the 1999-2000 membership year.

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