The Roads Taken: ITG Conference jazz comp. winners

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The Roads They've Taken: Winners of the ITG Conference Student Jazz Improvisation Competition 1979-2008

Winners of the ITG Conference Student Jazz Improvisation Competition from the competition's inception in 1997 through to 2008, each performing with local rhythm sections as listed on the CD. The trumpeters and the years they won the competition include:

Peter Olstad (Winning Student Recitalist,1979)
Tom Birkner (Winning Student Recitalist, 1980)
Terry Connell (1981)
Paul Mazzio (1982)
Jeff Beal (1983)
Craig Fraedrich (1984)
Jim Rotondi (1984)
Ken Watters (1985)
Paul Edmonds (1986)
Dave Ballou (1987)
Irv Grossman (1987)
Jason Carder (1988)
Michael Johnston (1989)
Marcus Printup (1990)
Tim Leahey (1991)
Ron Blake (1992)
John Daversa (1993)
Vance Thompson (1993)
Graham Breedlove (1995)
Roger Lent (1995)
Matt Shulman (1996)
Thomas Barber (1997)
Jason Berg (1998)
Michael Rodriguez (1999)
Phillip Lassiter (2000)
Amir El Saffar (2001)
Kavan Manson (2002)
Nathan Botts (2003)
Matthew Holman (2004)
Alex Nguyen (2005)
Jean Case (2006)
Jonathan Saraga (2007)
Jonathan Challonner (2008)

ITG-CD 18. A two-disk set featuring current activities and recent recordings by the winners of the ITG Conference Student Jazz Improvisation Competitions over the years, beginning in 1979. Included are recordings, biographies, discographies, personal comments regarding the recordings, and related internet links.

Comments: A major article by former ITG Journal editor Anne Hardin containing in-depth interviews with each of the soloists represented on this CD is published in the March 2009 ITG Journal.

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