Woody Shaw: A True Jazz Trumpet Legacy Revisited

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The Woody Shaw Quintet: Woody Shaw, trumpet; Steve Turre, trombone; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Stafford James, bass; Tony Reedus, drums
The Mark Levine Nonet: Woody Shaw, Mark Isham, trumpets; Melvin Martin alto saxophone; Michael Morris, tenor saxophone; Wayne Wallace, trombone; Chuck Bennett, bass trombone; Mark Levine, piano; Tom Rutley, bass: Clarence Becton, drums

Compact disk ITG-21. Playing time: 65:56 minutes

Shaw, Woody: To Kill a Brick (11:14)
(soprano saxophonist unknown)
Shaw, Woody: Joshua C (18:23)
Fischer/Cares: We'll Be Together Again (10:40)
Shaw, Woody: OPEC (21:00)
Bonus track:
The Mark Levine Nonet. Woody Shaw's solo on the chords to Giant Steps (4:39)


Previously unreleased field recordings from the 1970's and '80's courtesy of Woody Shaw III and Steve Turre. Produced with the help of the Woody Shaw Global Arts Foundation. Liner notes include commentary by jazz historian Tammy Kernodle and jazz trumpeter/educator Pat Harbison.

From Woody Shaw III:
"THESE RECORDINGS capture my father's imaginative spirit at the height of his musical powers. Throughout this CD, you really get to hear the breadth of Woody's versatility and innovative craftsmanship, not only as a trumpeter and an improviser, but as an adventurous composer and bandleader as well. It is well known among musicians and fans that Woody Shaw was a musician whose talents were best exhibited on a live stage. What you have here epitomizes these very sentiments, with Woody performing in an environment where he is fully and audibly in tune with his band, his surroundings, and, even more strikingly, with himself! The result is nothing less than inspirational.
To ITG members all over the world, may this recording serve as a major source of education and enrhichment for all of you. Given the proud and dedicated trumpeter that my father was, I am certain he would be honored to have the attention and admiration of his most beloved peer group. Thank you, ITG!"

This CD was published and distributed with the March 2012 ITG Journal and was free to all members of the Guild during the 2011-2012 membership year.

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